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Lipstick Boxes


Custom Printed Lipstick Boxes:

Make it custom boxes always prefer using environmentally friendly material, similar to corrugated and cardboard sheets to make lipstick boxes since the environment’s health is always our top priority. This will also reduce the costs of wastage and aid to ensure that the environment is kept clean. This is a small part of our contribution to keeping our environment well-maintained and clean.

100% custom lipstick packaging:

AH Custom Boxes as an opening to the company therefore, it is best to design them completely. With your box solution we provide complete flexibility in design of custom lipstick boxes. We can help you request your personalized lipstick packaging any shape, size color, or style. There are many possibilities to help your lipstick boxes wholesale stand out from the crowd. We also provide more than 3000 standard dies to pick from.

Our lipstick boxes are stocked with add-ons that include:

  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Hot foil stamping
  • Cut-outs
  • Inserts
  • Inside printing

You can also purchase the matching lipstick labels from us. Also, ensuring that everything is ready to launch your collection of lipstick faster.

Create your own custom printed wholesale lipstick packaging boxes:

Lipstick packaging wholesale for lipstick that is distinctive in design, sturdy and sturdy for customers are more popular. The eco-friendly and strapping created lipstick boxes are made with the goal of educating your customers on the quality of the product. This increases sales, improves the user experience and completely delights your customers.

We promise to provide sturdy, ambitious and sought-after custom lipstick boxes to our customers. We aid you in developing your business, removing all worries related to the packaging, its materials and even the user’s behavior toward it. This is why we insist on the lowest prices possible as well as the lowest minimums for the industry, no shipping and design . Also, all of these make cop a significant player within the lipstick box packaging.

Fashionable and affordable boxes, packaging for lipsticks and cosmetics:

We fight for you, we are a firm believer to provide the best the most stylish and attractive lipstick box packaging. Although, we’re the most sought-after brand in your box range as placing your trust. In the cop means receiving the highest quality finishing and low-cost lipstick boxes that are available in AH Custom Box. Also, our cardboard with other attractive effects like matte, premium finishing options, look attractive.

To this the corrugation and cardboard boxes made of kraft for lipsticks for wholesale prices create and print by us. We are the most prestigious manufacturer of customized packaging and its significance has emphasis numerous times in the field of lipsticks.

Lipstick boxes

Combining the benefits of offset and digital printing on a customized lipstick box, you will be able to have infinite options of embellishing box. Also,  it is possible to create custom lipstick box and customized lipstick packaging made of various materials. A few of the lipstick box have the transparent window box so that customers can have a full view of the product within the box. It recommends picking wholesale lipstick packaging boxes that come with the feature.


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