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Two Piece Shipping Boxes


The luxurious-looking two piece shipping boxes by AH Custom Boxes are the classic way to enhance a brand’s credibility and acceptability. These boxes are the need of today’s retailers, as they help them lure customers with their tempting covering looks. Order your elegant two piece box now from the AH Custom Boxes and make your fashion items look extraordinarily beautiful and classy. We create these boxes by keeping the needs and preferences of our valuable customers in mind.  

 Our team designs 2 piece gift boxes in different colors, designs, shapes, and sizes that completely tailor to your individual requirements. No doubt, these customized boxes need additional investment to personalize your products with the brand logo and particular covering. But in return, they also pass on a sense of value and elegance to your customers’ minds. A product packed in an extraordinarily classy and appealing box creates a positive and vibrant image of your brand. Hence, it is a worthy investment that must be considered critical to gain trust and more sales. 

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2 Piece Gift Boxes with Lids 

The 2 piece gift boxes are made of two cardboard pieces: a casing base and a lid. Case basing comprises a few inserts made of cardboard, foam, or plastic with proper cut spacing to sit the product comfortably. Place your gift in this bottom tray, and cover it with the lid. Here is your present ready to be delivered. 


Why Should You Choose 2 Piece Custom Boxes for your presents? 

This nice packaging with a lid has many benefits. First and foremost, it complements your items’ looks. No matter how expensive gift you purchase, if it is not nicely packaged, all goes in vain. Our two piece gift boxes add extraordinarily classic appeal to your gift. 

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Moreover, it ensures protection during the transition phase. You deliver the product packed in our two piece box, and it stays the same till it reaches the customers. Simple cardboard boxes are so classic and look tempting, but if you are interested in personalizing your items, we can add your brand’s logo on the lid. Box colors are also customizable, and we let our customers choose colors and graphics tailored to their business needs. 


Get your Customized 2 Piece Boxes for Complementing your Gift 

No order is too small or too large for our professionals, who are committed to delivering customizable products. Order two piece gift boxes wholesale, and you will realize the amazing sustainability in quality and sizes. Our team designs 2 piece boxes wholesale with the same energy and care as a single box. 


We prioritize customer preferences at every single step. While placing an order, you can decide on color, height, size, paper, and coating type. Whether you like glossy aqueous coating or UV coating, plain cardboard pieces, or multicolor printing designs with logo, we offer every thing. 


It is up to you which material and color you like. The best-recommended material for manufacturing two piece boxes wholesale is a rigid one, as it offers excellent durability. Keep in mind the purpose of packing an item is more than simply to enhance its appearance. Security must also be considered. A product must be transferred safely from your shop to customers’ hands, as transition phases may damage elegant and vulnerable items. 


How to Order Two Piece Cardboard Boxes for your Business? 

At AH Custom Boxes, we are committed to providing innovative and comprehensive packaging solutions for your businesses. We offer dependable packaging services that you can get any time you want. Our in-house team of professionals and experts aims to design the best 2 piece cardboard boxes to complement the gift you bought with great affection. You just have to inform our team about your preferences and desired packaging style. That is it. Our experts will do their best to create magnificent and high-quality 2 piece gift boxes.  


How to Contact us? 

For placing an order, please contact our in-house team, which is available 24/7, or visit our agency. 

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